Using Crystals for Sexual and Spiritual Wellness

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Let me just tell you...
I've been struggling with self confidence and self love for my entire life.
The first night I received my crystal, I had a sense of relief throughout my entire body. After using it for the first time, I looked into the mirror and saw myself as who I really am.
I'm beautiful. I'm confident. I'm so so in love with this red jasper. Thank you for giving me my life back .

Rachel R.

I was hesitant at first of trying a Pleasure Crystal but now I wonder why I waited so long! I am not usually someone who is into internal self-loving but the vibrations of the crystal were felt immediately. Being that amethyst is my birthstone I felt an intense connection and very euphoric high for hours after. It was literally like I was floating. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a heightened spiritual experience while self-loving.

The Trap Witch

I am grateful for House of Hathor, a company with ethics helping to teach one of the biggest and hardest lessons in life: self-love. Self-love through self-care is so important. I love my Pleasure Crystal, not only is it beautiful to look at but it's sleek and easy to clean and so unique. You have to love yourself enough to please yourself and I'm happy to have such a symbolic item in my collection.

Stacey of Hantise de l'oubli

House of Hathor, I must say you have really out done yourself with the Fancy Jasper Yoni Egg. I feel as though I recieved the one Yoni Egg that was truly meant for me. From the first day I recieved this beauty it was an instant connection. I was to expose understandings that I had not realized prior. I feel so protected and grounded and I am still growing close to my precious gem. Thanks a million times over for having the ability to connect me with my Yoni Egg.


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Using Crystals for Sexual and Spiritual Wellness